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What's better than the little things stuffed in the stocking or from your favorite Aunt? These are all of the gifts that are under $20 but still amazing none the less!


One // Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark Brownie Mix here
Obsessed with anything Peppermint Bark

Two // The Carry on Cocktail kit for Gin and Tonic here
Also comes in Bloody Mary, Champagne Cocktail, Moscow Mule, and Old Fashioned 

Three- Lilly Pulitzer Travel Mug here
Perfect to take your drinks to go and add a little color to your day

Four // Tory Burch Mini Duo here
Love the original fragrance and a perfect opportunity to try both

Five // American Flag Spatula here
Good to stuff in the stocking and save for summer 

Six // Thank You Notes here
You can never have enough thank you notes especially during the holidays

I hope y'all have enjoyed this years Gift Guides and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! See you soon!

Now I don't know if your like me but boys are the hardest to shop for. If its your dad, brother, or boyfriend, they can always be the most challengeing. I tried my best and I hope any boy (or man ;)) in your life would enjoy the gifts below!

One // Vineyard Vines Holiday Tie here
Such a classic tie and perfect for Christmas dinner.

Two // Monogramed Cuff Links here
A nessesity for any boy.

Three // Monogramed Catch-all here
Something they would never think to get themselves.

Four // Apple TV here
A little pricy but worth the investment.

Five // KJP Flannel Shirt here
Perfect for sitting next to the fire or chopping down a Christmas tree.

Six // Cozy Lounge Pants here
For those Christmas mornings and any other cold night.

See y'all next week for our last Gift Guide!
I hope y'alls December is going well because we are now diving into the girls in your life! Whether for your mom, sister, or best friend, there is something they can enjoy here!

One // Winter Hat here
Perfect for those cold snowy days.

Two // Patagonia Vest here
I have one of these and I love it! Can dress it up or down.

Three // Bobbi Brown Holiday Palette here
This palette is so cute and I am obsessed with all of the colors.

Four // Nest Winter Candle here
I gave this to my mom last year and it has been burning all through December. 

Five // Dogeared Pearls of Happiness Necklace here
So dainty yet so cute

Six // Monogramed Scarf here
Perfect for any girl- hint hint: my initials are EEP ;)

See y'all next week for more!

Happy Holidays everybody! I hope y'all have had a wonderful fall and transition into winter. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is time to move onto Christmas! I don't know about you but I love Christmas- not only the gifts but also the feelings of happiness going on throughout the month of December!

To make sure y'all have got the feeling too, I am doing four different gift guides this year to cover all of your bases. Every week until Christmas I am going to be sharing a different gift guide and today we are starting out with whats on my list!


One // Barefoot Dreams Poncho here
So cozy and a must need for those cold days

Two // Lilly Pulitzer Planner here
Mines about to run out so I need a new one

Three // Longchamp Backpack here
Perfect for when you don't wanna carry a purse

Four // Navy BNA Hat here
A cute gift for a Nashville native

Five // Ugg Dakota Slippers here
Cozy yet can wear outside on a lazy day

Six // Beaches by Gray Malin here
My obsession with coffee table books and beaches in one perfect place

See you next week for more gift guides!
Hello everyone and welcome back- If you have been wondering where I have been I have only one thing to say, school is hard and life moves fast.

But putting that aside, I am back, ready for fall (food, sweaters, yes please) and here's what I've been loving this month.

One--  This Fondue ^^ On Saturday I had a little date night and decided to really live with no ragrets regrets and order the fondue for my meal and let me tell you it was fabulous

Two-- Sea Salt Spray Many many months ago I picked up some Sea Salt Spray for my aching hair and even though we are no where near an ocean and it is fall, I love using it and making my hair have a little more texture and looking beach-y or just plain wind tossed- you decide. Similar here and here.

Three-- Tea Since fall and colder weather is officially upon us I have been getting back into having a couple of mugs of tea everyday. I am someone who gets so cold really easily (ask my roomie :)) and so a nice warm cup of tea at night is making me happy. I lean towards english breakfast in the morning and chamomile at night.

Four-- Yoga Pants Alright alright call me basic and get it out of your system but during these cooler temperatures I love putting on a big ole jacket and a pair of yoga pants and off I go to the dining hall. While many places offer yoga pants you can't beat the quality of these.

Five-- Cozy socks Nothing says "it's gotten colder" like throwing on a pair of socks to lounge or to sneakily wear under boots for class ;) I can only guarantee that my fuzzy socks will only appear more and more as time goes on.

What have y'all been loving this month and whose ready for November!!


Annnddd we are back! I am (finally) back in the groove of classes and the craziness of working all. the. time. With that I apologize for some delays as getting back in the groove was as challenging as you would think after spending 4 months away.

With school back in session comes school and school life 24 hours a days, every single day. Is it just me that thinks that there is ALWAYS something going on? I turn around and there is another club that I (think at the time) will be so much fun and perfect and I always think "sure I have time for that." Spoiler alert- I don't. There is a lot of change that happens during sophomore year. People always assuming change only twice during college- the beginning and the end. While yes, the beginning and the end are the biggest changes I don't think I expected change already during sophomore year.

With more work comes less time for fun stuff so I figured I'd let you know that posts may become a little less structured. Don't get me wrong- the posts WILL still be coming, there may just only be one a week and not two- is that ok with y'all?

If your like me and struggle to get back in the groove don't worry I have some very basic tips--

1. Force yourself to do the work NOW- When I got back two weeks ago I was always telling myself- oh it's fine I don't need to do the work now, I can wait until I get back from my next class. Nope nope nope, trust me and just force yourself to work, even if you think you have time later.

2. Eat breakfast- I love love love breakfast and I credit it with helping me stay focused during the day.

3. Drink Water- There will be a post coming later on why I think this is such a good idea but trust me now and start!

4. Get some sleep- I know I know your excited to be back and see your friends and get out to the parties but you need sleep!
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